Blue Chip Jr NBA Update

Opening Weekend Preseason Update

Another weekend of fun games with passionate players, coaches and fans competing and playing hard!

We typically follow the rules guidelines established by USA Basketball – Jr NBA but have been tweaking the rules this season since we have more of a mix of rec and competitive teams who are usually better separated into 2 divisions of 4 or more. This season we have 5-7 team division configurations with some teams being formed and brought by coaches and other teams with a mix of new and experienced players assigned to coaches by the league. We are trying to allow the competitive teams to play at their level while trying to provide a competitive balance for newer less experienced players at the 12U and below levels.

It seems like it is a split on deciding what is best when dealing with full court press and using zone defense schemes. In general USA basketball directs most 12U and below activity be limited to man to man defense only and no to limited full court defense. The reasoning is to allow the developing players to apply their skillset and athleticism to compete vs using coaching schemes to exploit weak players with traps, double teams and zones that most players at that age are not physically developed enough to overcome. Once players get to 13/14 they are usually physically developed enough to be able to make passes that can overcome traps and double teams. At this level Coaches should manage subs and encourage the players, not admonishing their players and whining to the refs.

For teams with 10U-12U players with lots of experience and exceptional skill, we prefer them to play normal basketball rules to prepare them for higher level basketball, so for coaches we will have a Zoom meeting to discuss Monday night 10/19 8pm

When we are out of the COVID pandemic and back to a normal season we will have fully formed competitive and rec divisions.

COVID-19 Procedures

Please remember that we must comply with SJCS guidelines that we established in our facilities use contract so please do not jeopardize our opportunity to play in an amazing gym. If you are sick please stay home and if you come to the facility you must complete the COVID certificate before entering and wear a mask unless you are an active participant.

On your device go to to get your certificate each time you enter.

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