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Blue Chip Jr NBA Champions!



This Fall season we had 68 teams participating. Winter season will be the largest league of the year in North Florida consisting of 90-100+ teams participating. We will have 4-8th grade recreational and competitive teams in NFLBL (NFLBL.com) and we will have JV & Varsity High School Divisions in Jr NBA.

Our offers are going out this week to players registered for our competitive teams who will have weekly practice in the gym. We will have an update midweek for any available tryout slots, so if you have a skilled or athletically gifted player who wants to play at a very competitive level make sure to preorder a slot under a staff coach.

Click register here below for:

Blue Chip Ballers program – new and developing players under 10.

4-8th grade players who want a low-cost registration to play on a team in NFLBL Recreational or Competitive games because they are already on a team or want to be connected to a volunteer coach who has outdoor practices.

9-12 Grade players who want to play competitive Jr NBA games

Blue Chip Jr NBA Update

CONGRATS TO 10U & 12U Champions!

We had a very exciting playoff weekend for our younger divisions. Middle and High School Championship tournaments are this coming Saturday starting at 8am with all 3 remaining championship games at 6, 6:45 & 7:30



Check the Weekend schedule here:


Register now for Winter (Jan-Feb) season activities. This is an especially important part of the season as soon as teams are formed they can immediately start practices as Winter season basketball activities for many players is usually team preparation for AAU Spring /Summer tournament season as well as our normally very active recreational/competitive Spring Jr NBA Season (Mar-May)

Shot Machine Training

Blue Chip Players now have access to convenient shot machine training

This machine is also used by NBA and D1 teams to help get their players’ shooting to the next level. Players can get up to 500 shots in during a 30-minute session and the system executes workouts focusing on all areas of shooting and ball handling.

At the end of a session, the player will have detailed session stats to track their progress. For longer conditioning sessions, the system can also include ball handling drills during the workout.

After school, players can ride their bikes to their Blue Chip Strength and Conditioning Program @ St Johns Strength & Performance across from Patriot Oaks and then finish the day getting their shots in.

Text any questions to us @ (904) 395-5527

Winter NFLBL & Jr NBA Registration NOW OPEN!


Individual and Team Registrations are now open and we expect to have 80+ 4-8th grade teams in the NFLBL and 20+ teams in Blue Chip Jr NBA High School.

We have our traditional Blue Chip Registration option which teams competitive and recreational players up with a volunteer coach and weekly outdoor practices at the coach’s discretion.
As well as our very popular 10-year-old and under player development academy, BC Ballers

We also have new options for competitive tryout teams with weekly indoor practices and paid coach

Text any questions to us @ (904) 395-5527

Fall Blue Chip Season Photos and Videos

Here are some photos of our players from our current Jr NBA Fall Season!

Blue Chip Elite Intense Development Program

We currently have 50+ boys and girls developing in 8U-16U player pools and Coach Laettner is excited to see that so many players have been developing into great basketball players over this past year!

Here are a few fun clips of Coach Laettner getting no looks and dishes from some of the legends of the game.

Girls Basketball

TONITE (WED 7-8:30pm @ Patriot Oaks Academy Gym)

We currently have had a group of about 18-20, 10-15yr old girls participating over the last 3 weeks in training and evaluation sessions and we started officially registering players into the Blue Chip Elite Girls Intense Development Player Pool Program’s team app like we have with our successful boys program.

We are able to start the program because there seems to be enough interest in our community to support a girls basketball development program and we have what appears to be long term (5+ year) commitments to support it by:

Coach Christian Laettner (click for info)
Coach Megan Harpring-Wheeler (click for info)
Coach Jesus Rodriguez (click for info)

The program will be structured the same as the boys. Even though it can include a mix of Elite and Developmental level players, it is very rigorous and is not for the meek. Players who do not respond well to disciplined instruction, stern positive and negative evaluation should look to other programs.

The general BCE player pool outline is:

A 1-2 hour weekly player pool practice available year-round. If the pool is less than 24 players they train and will get invites to play club v club games and will scrimmage interclub.

When the pool is at 24 we can start adding a 4 team division to also play in our Blue Chip Jr NBA competitive league.

As players and coaches develop we may invite our players, based on evaluation rank, to play in AAU local and travel tournaments.

To be considered for the pool:

  1. If you/your player has already registered you should receive your uniform at practice tonite.
  2. If you have attended our previous open sessions and want to be involved in the player pool email girls@bluechipelite.com with your player name.
  3. Tonite’s 7-8:30 session is still open evaluation/tryout so all interested players are still invited. Starting next week only current pool players and players who have submitted a profile and received an invite to tryout/eval can attend. 

Any players not registered who plan to attend tonite and moving forward must submit their player info form here:

Click here to submit your player info form

Check the league schedule and results here:


Photos Updated Weekly

If you would like to submit photos weekly to be featured for any games, click download photos above and then join the album and then upload your game photos.

Blue Chip Black and Silver Shirts on Sale

Blue Chip Jr NBA Week 2 Update + Girls Basketball


Lots of good competitive basketball. More lopsided games than we would like but we expect the players to continue to train on their individual skills and make every avaiable squad practice so they can close the gaps with their competition. Parents, coaches and players have been awesome and we continue to appreciate everyone maintaining a high level of sportsmanship and positivity!


This past Wednesday we held a skills practice and parent meeting for 12-15 yr old girls interested in playing Blue Chip Girls Basketball and we had a bunch of great players show up. So as we decide how to form this program we will continue to so a skills development/evaluation practice for any girls interested in playing Blue Chip, now or in the future, does not matter if you are currently playing elsewhere, for the next few Wednesdays 7-8pm at Patriot Oaks Academy. If you are not already on the list and your player is interested send an email to questions@bluechipbasketball.org to let us know you are coming to the next practice.


Our uniform supplier has continued to have problems with FedEx delivering the remaining youth-size jersey boxes. They informed us Sunday that FedEx located the lost boxes and issued a new label but for some reason, tracking shows no movement. So for the Academy players, we have ordered complimentary shooting shirts for players to use if the boxes aren’t delivered today or if they have to remanufacture the replacements. Players with Jersey substitutes that do not fit need to still wear them until the remaining jerseys arrive and then they may trade them in for the proper size. Please take care of your uniform they are used for games until next Spring and then are used for gym practices for an additional year. We really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding!!


Reminder players who are wearing undershirts or compression shorts under their uniforms need to use black white or grey colors only!

Check the league schedule and results here:


Photos Updated Weekly