Blue Chip Basketball Association – Certification Path

BCBA encompasses Blue Chip Jr NBA and Blue Chip Elite activities

Blue Chip Basic Certification

Mandatory Minimum required Certification for ALL BCBA coaches, assistants, trainers and volunteers – anyone who participates in practices or games involving youth players registered in any BCBA activities.

Follow steps below

All Non-athlete participants

  1. If you already have AAU membership enter club code WYBBAC to link your membership to the club. (email your membership number and pertinent info to, if you have any issues)
  2. If not an AAU member Click here and select non-athlete
  3. Fill out the form and at the “Are you a member of the club?” step enter club code WYBBAC
  4. Backgrounds are screened at this step (AAU has a Compliance Department contact to research and resolve any issues that may arise)
  5. Membership is valid until Aug 31st of each year.
  6. Membership is $16

Additional required certification for coaches, assistants, trainers

Once your courses are completed email a copy of double-goal and heads-up certificates to with your name and AAU membership number in the subject line.

Coaches and trainers who would like to work with BCE to participate in higher level basketball coaching and player development activities fill out our application

BCE Coaching Path Summary

Blue Chip Elite Level 1

BCE Coaching & Training Fundamentals w/ Coach Laettner

  • Athlete Wellness
  • Practice Plan Execution
  • Player Evaluation process
  • Base offense/defense sets
  • Game Day Procedures

USA Basketball

  • Course 1
  • Course 2
  • Course 3


  • Pass BCE Level 1 coach certification test 90% score
  • 20 recreational/competitive games coached
  • 2 Coach Laettner BCE Academy practice plan evaluations @ 90% score
  • 2 Coach Laettner game-day evaluations @ 90% score

Blue Chip Elite Level 2

BCE Advanced Coaching Fundamentals w/ Coach Laettner

  • Advanced Offense and Defense Philosophies
  • Advanced Evaluation
  • Game Tape Analysis


  • Course 1
  • Course 2


  • Course 1
  • Course 2


  • Pass BCE Level 2 coach certification test 100% score
  • 40 recreational/competitive games coached
  • 2 Coach Laettner game-day evaluations @ 100% score


1. Coaches are expected to abide by the rules of conduct by BCBA.

2. Coaches will balance individual growth, social development, and the acquisition of basketball knowledge and skills in working with individual players and the team as a whole.

3. Coaches will train players to play with good sportsmanship and to abide by the current rules of the game.

4. Coaches will promote a positive atmosphere in all BCBA basketball activities.

5. Coaches will devote the time and skill necessary for the good of the team.

6. Coaches will push and challenge each player in the program to be the best they can be.

7. The coaching staff’s main goal is to get each player to play to their full potential and put each player in a position to help the team to be successful.

8. Coaches will treat players, parents, officials, and opponents with respect.

9. Coaches will maintain an open-line of communication with their parents and players.