Blue Chip Basketball Association Overview


How is the Blue Chip Jr NBA League Structured?

Currently, BC Jr NBA league activities consist of a Spring (Mar-May), Summer (Jun-Aug), Fall (Oct-Dec) League of all grade levels with divisions generally separated by age. Then we participate in the Winter season (Jan-Feb) League where we have our 4th-8th Grade tournament test teams and some competitive rec teams compete with 120+ teams throughout North Florida in the North Florida Basketball League (NFBL) separated strictly by grade. For Winter our 9th-12th grade players play in Jr NBA High School normally separated into JV and Varsity divisions.

Typically, every season, our K-6th grade players who do not yet have the fundamental skills for 5v5 full court basketball are placed in our Ballers Developmental Academy where they may train for 1 or more seasons to prepare them for competitive play. Normally these players practice in the gym as a group on Wednesdays and then practice and play instructional 3v3 & 4v4 games on Fri nights and/or Saturday mornings in the gym.

The rest of the BC Jr NBA league is a mix of recreational and competitive players playing competitive basketball. Based on the registration mix of individual players, preformed and club teams who may register, age-based divisions are formed and the goal is to split divisions as evenly as possible and to potentially move teams around after the first or 2nd week of games. Our goal is to have all games be as close as possible, but this is a very competitive league, so if you or your player are unable to emotionally handle wide-margin wins or losses and /or extremely competitive play and maintain a high level of sportsmanship, then you may want to look at some of the other sports programs in the area.

How does the Blue Chip Elite Intense Development Program Player Pool Work?

As players begin to play basketball at Blue Chip and at other programs in the area and are looking to play the game more competitively and/or at a higher level of individual and team skill. We will provide them multiple paths with one to begin training in our intense development player pool.

Generally at some point players are invited to try out and be evaluated as a fit in the current player pool mix. When they make it into the pool they pay a monthly fee to practice in the gym. As they train and improve they are evaluated and may begin receiving offers to play on our teams in club v club games, Jr NBA League, NFLBL, Club v Club, local and travel tournaments.

Some player path examples:
In March our 5th 7th and 8th-grade pools potentially have enough elite-level players that can play in a tournament in Div 1. So we have a 3 tournament grouping for our top 8 players in each pool. They are offered the spot and preorder the spot for the cost of the tournaments. If 3 of them cannot commit we go to the next 3, top-evaluated players, in the pool and repeat the process until it is full or determined that there is not enough to participate. When it is filled and confirmed then all of the preordered spots are committed and charged. If the particular squad has success then we will continue to advance them up through more tournaments during the season based on their team goals. If they do well in the March tournaments we may offer them to play in some of our travel tournaments like the Memorial Classic at ESPN in Orlando.

Another is; All of our BC IDP pool players will typically play in our community Jr NBA league, which is where we expect to showcase our elite and developing players by having them play in different positions they may not normally play and optimally helping develop the new players in the community in their skill and love of the game. During Jr NBA season our developing players are also increasing their game reps and are in preparation to play in Local tournaments in Div 2 with the goal of moving to Div 1.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary based on the size and configuration of the activity and the associated costs of the particular activity.

The BC IDP program currently consists of a monthly $25 membership and $100-150 practice plan based on the particular player pool (age/grade) and average session time.

Basketball Season games typically cost $250-350. Season squad practices in gym cost vary based on facility and coach requirements, but typically run $75-$350

Tournaments and other leagues we participate in vary in cost based on location and format. Usually $40-200.

Blue Chip Uniforms average $75 are high-quality reversible and are used for a 12-month period from Spring to Spring season.

BCE Practice uniforms average $75 and tournament uniforms and kits vary based on the team level.