Our Mission

The Blue Chip Basketball Association pledges to be a Full-Service Basketball Academy dedicated to the growth and enrichment of all of its players, coaches and volunteers. Our primary focus is to develop the love of the game of basketball in our local community and provide an environment of support that helps foster the development of happy and productive young adults.

BCBA will strive to provide development opportunities for players at all skill and grade levels. Our Blue Chip Jr NBA league gives all players interested in basketball the opportunity to compete, both recreationally and competitively. We will strive to provide an exciting game-day experience where players can learn life lessons through hard work, discipline, competition, coping with emotions, and how to work towards positive resolutions of any conflict.

Our Blue Chip Elite Academy will focus on providing guided player paths to meet the individual needs of players and generally support those players who choose to focus on the game of basketball. The BCE Intense development program’s player pool is limited in size. Players participating may be at different levels of skill development depending on the development cycle. Training is available year-round for BCE player pool members. These players train, develop, segment, play and are continuously evaluated. As players improve they will have opportunities and invites to play, based on their current evaluation, in more advanced divisions, tournaments and activities.

Blue Chip Elite Academy coaches (click here for coaching  path info) will teach players a style of basketball emphasizing ball security, catch and face, strength and 5 player coordination. This philosophy will be consistent throughout the BCE Academy so every coach and player learns a similar style of play, allowing them to learn key concepts and actions that enable them to move between teams and be an immediate contributor. This base set of basketball rules and knowledge will help BCE pool players quickly adapt to adjustment layers applied by a BCE coach to a team to account for squad skill/ability mix and individual player style.

Our 5-year short-term plan is to grow and develop this youth basketball support structure into something our players and families can feel proud to support and to be an integral part. There is a lot of work to be done and challenges to overcome but anyone who has a similar passion and would like to help us accomplish this task as a volunteer, trainer, coach, paid staff etc. please fill out our application HERE