GotNext Tournament Series

This is a high-energy tournament series for ALL youth basketball players.

Tournament starting order is determined by first teams to fully register at least 6 players and what the Judge determines final order will be at start.

– Updated every 12 hours

The Guidelines:

  • 2 hr event (approximately 20-25 games), nonstop pace high energy, music will be played during games and sometimes there may be a live commentator.
  • Max team size of 8
  • Spots are very limited. The first grade/age groups that fill will secure the timeslot, so if you want to play let everyone who loves basketball competition in your grade/age group to get their ticket asap
  • Starting team order is determined by first teams to complete their registration and Tournament Judge’s final decision.
  • If you have a good team you could play up to 20-25 games. If you have a bad team you could play as few as 2-4 games
  • Players can play up but not down, no exceptions
  • Players must have certified copy of birth certificate available for any challenges
  • Teams can be coached or have no coach
  • Uniforms are required. If you are not an official/club team with a uniform you can use T-shirts, but all players must at least have exact color matching shirts. We usually see some club uniforms as well as some fun and creative uniforms.
  • We will take individual registration. Individuals without a team will be cataloged and matched up with other individual registrations or added to teams looking to add players. Coaches or Team Captains looking to add players will be able to pick from an online roster of available players
  • We also have high-quality Blue Chip uniforms available for order that are also used for our leagues, tournaments and other activities for at least the next year, so that reduces your overall cost for future activities if you participate in Blue Chip

The Format:

  • 5V5 Winner stays in, no breaks or timeouts.
  • Game Winner is the team that gets most points within 5 minutes or reaches 11 points, whichever comes first
  • When winning score of 11 is reached or at time expiration:
    • Losing team immediately grabs the game ball, sends it to the GotNEXT team and goes to the back row of the team queue
    • The winning team moves to defend the away goal
    • GotNEXT team immediately enters with another ball from midcourt the crowd starts a 3-second countdown and must shoot a halfcourt shot before the buzzer to start the game
    • A made half-court shot at start is an immediate 2 point win.
  • Subs are on the fly
    • Only after player fully exits court
    • If a player drops out for injury or needs a break the team plays short
    • A sub can enter without a player exiting only to drag an exhausted player off the court 🙂 but they cannot engage the ball
    • If a player needs to puke they must use the designated receptacles 🙂
  • No clock stoppages, only stops for serious injury
  • No free throws. At the impartial Judge’s total and uncontestable discretion, he will determine on the fly if/when:
    • 1 point awarded for soft shooting fouls
    • 2 points awarded for hard shooting fouls
    • And1 awarded for soft foul on made basket
    • And2 awarded for hard foul on made basket
    • On the floor fouls are taken in at the top with a check ball
    • Objective is to win by 11 points ASAP. Ball possession movement is fine but if the Judge feels that play is focused on killing clock and not attempting to win by score of 11 he can call a violation and turnover and possibly subtract points.
    • – 5 points for any demonstration of poor sportsmanship, excessive fouling, demeaning speech, cursing etc
    • 2 sportsmanship violations by a player will result in suspension from the remaining tournament games
    • 2 sportsmanship violations by a team or their spectators will be assigned an automatic forfeit of the game and 2 point win for opponent and team may be prohibited from playing the rest of the tournament.
    • Fun and passionate trash talking is allowed but within reason
    • All decisions made by the Judge are final. The Judge can add or subtract points at will. He can make or break ANY rules at will. If you impress the judge with your individual move or an excellent team play he may add extra points. If you make an impressive heat check deep 3, spin move, ankle breaker…. he will probably give you extra points. If you smell bad he will probably subtract points.
  • If tied at end of 5 minute time expiration – Play continues & winner is determined by sudden death w/1 minute added to clock – If tied at end of 1 minute the Home team wins – and 0 Victory Points are awarded
  • 1 Victory Point awarded for most points at time expiration
  • 2 Victory Points awarded for first to 11 or half court shot made
  • 3 Victory Points awarded for reaching 11 within 3 minutes
  • At the last 20 minute remaining mark 2 minute break to calculate tournament bracket
    • Teams are ranked by victory points. Top 4 teams in points will play in the tournament bracket 5&6 are eliminated
    • Games are same format EXCEPT
    • 1st place team is home and plays 4th place team and starts with a score of 7-0
    • 2nd place team is home and plays 3rd place team and starts with score of 3-0
    • Winners play Championship game in time remaining til 8:59 pm and game starts with a jump ball. Tie at end of time expiration winner will be determined by sudden death.

The Reward:

  • All players on the winning team are awarded a unique BCE Challenge Coin or medal with a unique code.
  • When scholarship funds exceed $250;
    • Notification will be published and players can turn in however many coins/codes they want to be randomly drawn and awarded an education gift contribution to their 529 or vocational education savings account
    • Contributions will be provided through the Gift of College program and funded from the BCE Scholarship fund
    • 20% of GotNext event proceeds will be used to fund the scholarship set-aside account
    • The more coins/medals a player turns in the higher chance of being awarded the scholarship contribution for that period

The Entry: