Laettner’s Blue Chip Ballers Development Academy – Jr NBA HS Champs – GotNEXT!

We are excited to announce that Blue Chip Elite’s Director Christian Laettner will be directly overseeing our Blue Chip Ballers Development Academy

Coach Laettner has been very impressed with the great work that Coach Todd, the former BC Baller Academy director who has moved back to his hometown in Ohio, has done for the past 3 seasons implementing critical basketball fundamentals with the new and developing young players in our community.

Coach Pinkney will be taking over Coach Todd’s duties in heading up the academy moving forward, but to build on what Coach Todd has invested Coach Laettner wants to get more directly involved with this group of players so he plans to attend the 2nd half of most of the weekday practices to help ensure that we continue to instill and reinforce the fundamental skills that he has learned from his Youth, College and NBA experience.

These young, developing players, usually 10 yrs old and under will spend their time in the academy forming fundamental skills and breaking bad habits and as they develop they are evaluated and segmented by their skill and desire to play more competitively. They will play 3v3 and 4v4 games on Saturdays and may eventually be placed in open spots on competitive teams at any time.

Any questions you may have about the Development academy can be directed to us by email at


The uniform we will use for 2021 are approved and are starting to be manufactured now.

LATE REGISTRATION FEES will apply starting March 12th at 9PM.

It is a little early but so far it looks like we already have about 4 – 10U teams, 6 – 12U teams, 5 – 14U teams & 6 – HS Teams. Historically 70% of registration for Blue Chip has come in within the last 2 weeks and we are currently 3 weeks out so we may actually have to cutoff registration, so if you plan to bring a team or register individually do so as soon as possible.

Skill session and evaluation times will be released soon for individual registrants looking for team placement so coaches looking to draft and fill slots on their team can attend.

Currently Girls Basketball waitlist registration looks to have a potential squad in the 13-14U age group. So any girls wanting to play and any coaches please sign up asap and we will schedule an open gym night for them to play and be evaluated.

2021 Jr NBA HS Winter Season Champs!

🏆 Congrats to Blue Chip Jr NBA Winter 2021 High School Champs – The Suns!

This is a great group of players who we have seen play in Blue Chip for many years, Coach Mike Stumpf has been a tremendous coach and we really appreciate all of the time he has spent with the players. For the Seniors it has been a pleasure seeing you grow and develop in the game of basketball and we wish you great success as you move on to College and beyond!!

GotNEXT tournament series this Friday!

Come out and watch some of the area’s best youth ballers showing of their streetball skills! 20+ High Energy Games. Don’t come if you are afraid of loud music and wild kids