Blue Chip Jr NBA Week 1 Update


Thanks to all the parents, coaches and players we had a great 1st weekend of basketball. We had a lot of close games and a lot of lopsided games we made some adjustments and looking at the current teams we feel the newer squads should improve significantly once they have more practice sessions. We expect to see the games get even more competitive, so we appreciate everyone maintaining a high level of sportsmanship and positivity.


The uniform supplier has delivered the remaining shorts but say the jerseys with sizes youth medium and smaller may have been lost in customs or shipping and they may have to remanufacture. Hopefully they will show up before game time, but if not all players without shorts may pick them up at the gym before their game. Players with Jersey substitutes that do not fit need to still wear them until the remaining jerseys arrive and then they may trade them in for the proper size. Please take care of your uniform they are used for games until next Spring and then are used for gym practices for an additional year.


Once everyone has been issued a uniform players will need to wear their full uniform to play and only white or black undershirts or compression shorts are allowed. Excessively dirty or stained uniforms will not be permitted.

Check the league schedule and results here:


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