JR NBA FALL SCHEDULE RELEASED – Blue Chip Elite Intense Development – AAU Tournament Team Process


AAU Tournament Team Process

All players interested in basketball at any skill level typically register to play in our Blue Chip Jr NBA season 2 times/yr. As players develop or who are entering the league with a high level of interest, skill, athletic ability in basketball and now/eventually want to pursue higher levels of competition will tryout/evaluate for entry into our intense development program. These players train in a pool weekly and based on the yearly/seasonal cycle they will learn a variety of skills and basketball team concepts that we expect players on our squads to execute. As they showcase their development they will get invites to play on/in upper-level divisions, squads, tournaments & Club V Club games. Then squads that form with players who are executing and having success will move into our Elite Squad Support program.

Here is a link to our overall BCBA overview

An example of the process is a group of players in the pool in 14/15U category have been training for the last 14 months. Over that time they had weekly pool practice, Jr NBA league games, game tape study, NFBL test league. They weren’t quite ready at the beginning of spring but entered late into the tournament cycle and entering their first tournament against teams that have played since the beginning of tournament season and ended up reaching the championship game in a 10 team pool. Here is footage of some plays where they are successfully using our academy’s individual and team concepts.

We currently have 50+ boys and girls players developing in 8U-16U player pools and Coach Laettner is excited to see everyone develop!

Here are a few fun clips of our Director of Coaching & Basketball Development getting no looks and dishes from some of the legends of the game we love to play!

Are you an experienced player who would like to join our Elite Development Player Pool?