BCE Player Agreement

  • PRIVILEGE NOT RIGHT. As a member of Blue Chip Elite, each player understands that participation is a privilege and not a right. As part of earning that privilege, and in order to maintain it, more is expected of each player than perhaps of players in other programs. Each player agrees to assume the responsibilities set forth in this agreement and each parent agrees to support its intent. BCE Coaches reserve the right to revoke the privilege of any player to be a member of Blue Chip Elite if the player and parents do not consistently exhibit appropriate conduct or otherwise fails to meet the obligations set forth in this Agreement.
  • PLAYER CONDUCT. As a member of Blue Chip Elite, each player represents and serves as a reflection of this storied program, its coaches, its teams, its families and its community. Furthermore, each player agrees to conduct themselves responsibly both on and off the court, to display sportsmanship on the court and to demonstrate concern for the rights, safety and welfare of others off the court. All BCE players agree to treat their coaches, teammates, competitors and referees with the respect and courtesy they deserve. Behavior that shows disrespect toward other players, coaches, and referees, or demonstrates lack of self-control including the use of profanity, bullying or physical force will be subject to swift and appropriate discipline. The coaches will determine appropriate disciplinary actions according to each situation.
  • CLASSWORK ALWAYS COMES FIRST. Each player is expected to strive for academic excellence. A player’s class work and performance in school take precedence over sports. All players are expected to perform well academically and to complete their homework in a timely manner so as not to impair their ability to be committed to their team. Should a player be unable to attend practice to complete academic responsibilities, a parent should communicate this immediately and directly to the coaching staff. Academics always take priority, so it is not acceptable to repeatedly miss practice due to a consistent non-performance in school. Should a player be unable to perform at an acceptable level academically the player must seek help from his Coach or other member of BCE staff and work with BCE and, as appropriate, attend tutoring and/or academic enrichment sessions until such time as the academic performance improves to a level consistent with our expectations. How to handle poor academic performance is a parental decision; however, Blue Chip Elite assumes that each player will do all that is possible to achieve academic excellence while still being present for all practices and games. Repeated absences and poor academic performance could result in diminished playing time and potential dismissal at the discretion of the coach.
  • ATTENDANCE. Attendance at each practice and all games is mandatory. Players should arrive one half hour prior to scheduled game times unless otherwise instructed by the coaching staff and all players should be on time for practices. If a player is unable to attend a practice or game due to illness, vacation, family emergency or a school or religious obligation, then it is the player’s and/or parent’s responsibility to notify the coaching staff in advance citing the reason for an absence. The coaching staff will determine implications of absences as it relates to playing time.
  • PLAYING TIME/ROLE. The amount of playing time and the role each child plays on the team will be determined at the sole discretion of the coaching staff. It is imperative that all parents and players understand that the BCE teams are very competitive and no player is guaranteed playing time or certain roles on any team (i.e. starter, etc.). The coaching staff will make decisions regarding “playing time” based on the game situation, match-ups, each player’s skills, abilities, attitudes and overall ability to help the team in certain situations.
  • COMMITMENT. Being a member of Blue Chip Elite requires a significant commitment due to the amount of games and practices conducted each season. The commitment entails that BCE basketball comes before any other sports or teams; choosing to put other teams or sports ahead of the commitment to BCE can result in diminished playing time or outright dismissal from their team.
  • DISCIPLINARY ACTION. Any tardiness or unexcused absences for practice or games will be addressed at the discretion of the coaching staff. Repeated unexcused tardiness will result in treatment as an unexcused absence. The first unexcused absence may result in diminished playing time. The second unexcused absence may result in the player being benched for the following game. Three or more unexcused absences may result in a suspension from the team.
  • RESPECT THE GAME AND THE CHILDREN WHO PLAY IT (INCLUDING TEAMMATES AND OPPONENTS). This means ensuring that your child attends and comes prepared for all practices and games, and treats teammates and opponents with dignity and respect. Good sportsmanship means playing fair and safe, controlling negative emotions, and keeping the spirit of competition a healthy endeavor.
  • RESPECT THE OFFICIALS. Keep in mind that officials (a.k.a. referees, scorekeepers, organizers, etc.) are an important part of the sport of basketball and add to the overall experience for your child. It is important that you distinguish between bad calls (human error) and wrong calls (when an official doesn’t know the rule). In either case, it is important that you respect all officials and develop tolerance skills for when bad calls are made (which will happen – officials are human and like all of us, will occasionally make a mistake!). A failure to do so will reflect poorly on your child and our organization and will not be tolerated by the coaching staff and the program.
  • Dressed in appropriate basketball uniform or attire.
  • Take care of all needs before practice begins (bathroom, water, attire, etc).
  • Help with any setup, take down or cleanup and keep facilities clean. 
  • All practices are mandatory. 
  • If a player is going to be tardy or absent from practice from any reason. The coaches should be immediately notified.
  • A player is only allowed 3 unexcused absences per season. If a player exceeds this limit, they will be suspended or removed from the program.
  • Practice will be very fast paced and structured. Players will not talk during instruction and must pay attention and follow all directions.
  • Players will run, not walk, to different drills and stations.
  • Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in team or individual reinforcement (push ups, sprints, or a physical activity), suspension or dismissal (no refund).
  • During rest periods in practice, players will not horse around, sit on the ground or a ball or shoot around. They will go to their designated area and wait for instruction from their coach.
  • All players must bring a basketball to practice unless instructed otherwise by a coach.

Game Day Protocol

  • ALL games are deemed mandatory.
  • If a player is going to be tardy or absent from a game, the parent will need to contact the coach. 
  • Be at game site at times designated by coach.
  • All players will warm up and stretch with their team before games.
  • Players must run to all timeouts and follow instructions set by coach.
  • Players who are on the bench must cheer and support their teammates.
  • Failure to meet any of these guidelines may result in reduction in playing time.

• I will show respect to all coaches, game officials, parents, teammates and opposing players at all times, and will never act in a manner that is disrespectful to them or my team. • I will demonstrate good sportsmanship regardless of the score or situation by acting in a positive manner towards coaches, officials and other players. • I will help to clean the gymnasium/bench area at both home and away games. • I will display good sportsmanship and a commitment to my team at all times. • I will shake hands with the other team and officials after games. • I have read and will also abide by the 10 rules for players in the Expectations document.

Playing Time

Playing time is given and awarded to players based on their ability and effort to meet the criteria on our “Must Do” list.  Every attempt will be made to get player playing time that will contribute to the success of the team; however, this is a non-equal playing environment. Players who are concerned with playing time need to speak with the coaches. Since the player is the one playing, they  need to address coaches and ask, “What can I do to get more playing time.” Coaches will give feedback on how to get more playing time.

PLAYERS 1. ATTENDANCE AT PRACTICES AND SCRIMMAGES IS VERY IMPORTANT! Teams practice 3 to 4 times more than the playing time that occurs during competitions. 80% or greater is expected. 2. Arrive at practice on time/early, and be ready to start at the designated time. 3. No talking when: (i) any coach is talking, or (ii) any teammate is talking to the team or asking a question. 4. When a coach blows the whistle, stop what you are doing and listen. 5. Goofing off during practice is disruptive and unfair to your teammates and coaches – if you persist, be prepared for an appropriate penalty to be decided by your coach (ex., pushups, running, being asked to sit out, etc). 6. MISSED PRACTICES/UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: If missing practices becomes an issue, playing time will be impacted per the decision of the coach. 7. EXCUSED ABSENCES: Illness, a family emergency, or a school function will be considered an excused absence, if communicated a reasonable time (at least 2 or 3 hours) prior to the practice, scrimmage, or game, to the coach or team manager. 8. GAMES: Arrive at games and be ready (shoes and uniform on) at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled game time. Always bring complete Classics uniforms to each game. 9. MANDATORY EQUIPMENT FOR GAMES AND PRACTICES: Water bottles with a pop top (at least 1 liter), mouth guards and knee pads (optional). 10. The Classics Club philosophy is that we will grow together and be competitive as a team, if we practice and play the game as a team. The commitment level required for a successful AAU basketball team, mandates that your basketball team be your highest priority, and no other sports should be given a higher priority.

Player Must-Do’s

  1. Box Out and Rebound
  2. Take Care of the Ball
  3. Be a good Teammate at all times
  4. Give energy and effort
  5. Positively communicate to teammates and coaches